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New perspective

Posted on: April 20, 2012

Coming back to school as a substitute after almost a year has allowed me to see things in a different light.  I have spent my time in this last year working with my husband at his businesses and at my horse ranch.  This last year, I have been a business person instead of a teacher.  The contrast between schools and a business is quite obvious and maybe even a bit disturbing.

First of all, teachers work many extra hours and take on so many extra projects.  Nevertheless the extra pay is non-existent.  Businesses are quickly entering the technology age, but lack of funding causes our schools to be major tree killers.  I applaud the schools that teach the importance of recycling!  There has to be some way to use technology to replace all the worksheets (and maybe even save the teachers some grading time).

I have watched teachers trade paper, staples, and tape in order to get the supplies they need.  Our administrators are having to put limits on the basic supplies in order to balance their shoestring yearly budget.  I imagine that our government offices are not having to barter for refills for their staplers!

Somehow our society has to help our education system.  Most of us agree that it has some major flaws.  We have to find some way to support our children.  I realize this is not a new issue, but this week has served as a wake-up call to me.  Our schools have so many needs it’s overwhelming.  Yet, I’m reminded of the story of the little boy and the starfish.  I may not be able to change the education system as a whole, but I can do something.  If more people will pitch in however we can, maybe we can help spark a change.

To all my friends at school…I love you and appreciate you so much!!!!!  It was wonderful spending time with you this week and I’m so thankful for everything you do.  Hang in there and keep up the excellent work!


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